The Creation of “The Stromboli”

In 1950, Nat created a secret recipe for dough and made new sandwich. He filled this dough with various cheeses, including mozzarella, and a variety of Italian meats. It was then rolled into a log and baked.

What’s the difference between a real Stromboli sandwich and the stuff most all other businesses are passing off as Stromboli?
“Pizza shops,” for the most part, are little stores that may be able to put cheese, sauce, and toppings on a pie shell, but they don’t know much about the art of baking. What that usually means for the consumer is that you get what I refer to as “heated dough” or “flopped over pizza.” That is not a Stromboli!
And as any one knows that has tried it… it takes time to make bread. There’s a big difference between Italian bread and pizza dough!

Nat’s customers asked what his new sandwich was called. A close friend, William Schofield, who was inspired by the 1950 movie, “Stromboli”, which starred Ingrid Bergman and was directed by Roberto Rossellini, suggested that he call it that. And so Nat’s creation has become known throughout the world as the “Stromboli”.

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If you’ve taken a partially baked frozen Stromboli home or ordered via mail, you can get the same taste by following these simple baking instructions.
Original Stromboli

• Preheat oven at 450.
• Lay stromboli on cookie sheet.
• Cook for 15-20 minutes wrapped loosely in foil
• Cook unwrapped last 5 minutes.
• Pepperoni Bread – Broccoli or Spinach Stromboli
• Cook 450. For 10 – 15 minutes.

Now… enjoy!